My name is Courtney and I am a daughter, a little sister, an aunt, a bestfriend and a soon to be wife. Momma to Scarlett Lou (2) with a new little babe on the way! I am also the proud owner of this little shop, Little Cloth Co (it's so SURREAL to even say that). After having kids of my own I realized that it is so hard to find a place to shop for them that was good quality, affordable, modern and neutral for that effortless style. Therefore, I decided to start my own online store with all things I love and to make ethically made clothing more accessible to families!

I am hoping to find a wide range of neutral pieces that can be passed down to each of your children. I hope you love everything as much as I do + happy shopping for all those special little ones in your life!

Fast fashion is often talked about in women's fashion but the same issues are alive and well in kids fashion also. Good quality and ethically made clothes really can cost the same or less when we choose quality over quantity. I like to think "buy nice or buy twice".

I am so happy to have you all on this journey with me!